The Kaiser has chosen to stay in a castle, he already at the ZKR-Schloss Biesdorf. Doesn’t he look pleased!

The reason for his trip outside the Gärten der Welt is also his curiosity about how the world has changed in the last thirty years and if his presence can still evoke any memories for you or if you can make any comparisons between your life and his fairytale.

The animated history of the Schloss Biesdorf has resulted in its opening as a contemporary art museum, in September 2016. ZKR-Schloss Biesdorf is dedicated to art that relates to urban and landscape developement in dialogue with its DDR history.

Soon to be announced: an event in which we invite you to speak up about whether,

you have ever encoutered a naked Kaiser ?

or have you ever felt like him ?

Alt-Biesdorf 55
12683 Berlin